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Metempsychosis further distinguished from reincarnation

In cases of metempsychosis where an individual ‘remembers’ a previous life due to the incorporation of psychic material from a deceased person, we are obviously not dealing with a ‘reincarnation’ of that deceased person. This is true for the same reason that we don’t say that a person becomes reincarnated when the matter that composed their physical body is incorporated by plants or animals or people.  We are too well aware of the fact that the matter that went to form the physical body is not immortal—we just tend to forget that the same principle applies to memory, belonging as it does to the psychic and therefore mortal part of man. Cases of metempsychosis, even when they are valid (many times they are not), do not involve the true being of the deceased, and these account for most of phenomena that occultists would attribute, due to their incomprehension, to the actions or communications of deceased beings. Hauntings, for example, are nothing more than the prolongations of the psychic part of a human individuality, and this is why reports of hauntings always seem to indicate that the ‘ghost’ involved shows no signs of consciousness of anything or anyone, but merely ‘persists’ as a blind force engaged in some activity or repeating some performance over and over to the dismay of the witnesses.

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