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By Daniel Schwindt

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The first concept that ought to be distinguished from the confused collection of ideas called ‘reincarnation’ is metempsychosis. Metempsychosis is a legitimate concept easily reconciled with a proper metaphysics and a traditional cosmology, and it is metempsychosis that can easily account for most of the ‘supernatural’ phenomena claimed by reincarnationists as ‘evidence’ of their theories.

As we’ve explained in our discussions elsewhere, the living (embodied) being possesses a psychic component above and beyond the physical elements that make up the body. Metempsychosis concerns these psychic elements of the individual that are mortal and are therefore dispersed upon death (memory being just one of these ‘mortal’ elements). Much in the same way that the corporeal elements of the human body are dispersed back into the earth, an individual’s psychic elements are disbursed back into the ‘subtle environment’. In the same way that the matter that formed the body is taken up by other bodies, the psychic elements, disintegrated at death, are made available to the manifest world and can then be taken up and utilized by another individuality as it forms and develops.

In this context, it is conceivable that the residual psychic elements of a deceased personality could persist without being completely disintegrated, and in this state, without being completely dispersed, they might come to be incorporated (we might even say ‘absorbed’) into a new individuality. Such an occurrence would lead to the possession of semi-intact memories from the previous individuality, which is to say that the memories would be obtained only in a partial and fragmentary manner. We could also say here that this probably occurs more often than we realize and is to some extent a normal aspect of what we call ‘heredity’. We would not expect these memories to become consciously accessible to the individual who, by whatever circumstances, comes into possession of them. They would only become ‘accessible’ either accidentally, as a result of certain conditions that bring them to the fore, or in cases of persons who are extremely sensitive to the psychic order.

This, in a nutshell, is metempsychosis, and it reconciles well with the traditional cosmology. It also explains most of what occurs in a séance, but we will comment further on that below.

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