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By Daniel Schwindt

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Moksha or Deliverance

We will deal separately and in-depth with a specific subject developed within Vedanta, which is the constitution of the human being. Here, however, we will only mention another concept central to the doctrine, namely moksha or mukti, which means ‘Deliverance.’ When a being attains to Deliverance he is effectively freed from the bonds of conditioned existence, being perfectly identified with the Universal. It is here and here only that it is proper to speak of the Yogi.

He who reaches this state in life is called jivan-mukta, ‘delivered during life,’ while he who reaches it after death is called videha-mukta, ‘delivered when out of bodily form.’ Such a being is no longer subject to the indefinite causal chain of actions and reactions, and is no longer conditioned by the union of nama and rupa. This Deliverance, which is a ‘passage beyond form,’ changes nothing in appearance. In the case of those Delivered while living, there will be no real exterior change, but the conditions of Becoming will no longer affect the being.

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