This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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Movements as opposed to branches and sects

Much like the familiar Christian landscape, the Islamic world is complex and groups not only move in difference directions but ‘on different levels’ as well, and we might even say ‘on difference wavelengths’ depending on the sphere of action or knowledge in question. We have distinguished between the schools of juridical thought, which deal with Shariah, and those of kalam, dealing with theology properly so-called, but both of these are somewhat distinct from broad ‘movements’ such as, for example, the Ahmadiyyah movement, which, like many such ‘movements’ is a reaction to a particular problem or phenomenon and not necessarily a school of thought within fiqh or kalam. In the case of Ahmadiyyah, the movement could be explained in some ways as a reaction against Western missionary activity. Another example would be the cases of Mahdiism, which occasionally produced sects but is not a sect itself.

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