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By Daniel Schwindt

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Mystery as a pointer to the Absolute

Christ is the center of Christianity, and although we find Him in the Old Testament and the New, veiled and unveiled, and even though He came before men in person and died on the cross, we call Him a mystery in order to acknowledge that the Divine always surpasses the forms in which it clothes itself and the words used to describe it, even if these are the words of Scripture. To disagree with this is to identify Scripture itself with God Himself, which would be a kind of ‘bibolatry’ or idolization of the letter.

Everything in the Scriptures, everything formulated in dogma, everything performed in the liturgy, is true, but not exhaustive, and the Reality that is really in question always remains in the invisible interior, and to embrace the mystical is to accept the call to journey beyond and inward to the ultimately Real.

Mysticism is Christian esoterism, and the essential Mystery of Christianity is Christ. Ergo, Christ embodies Christian esoterism. And this remains true whether or not he is acknowledged as such by believers, since the mysteries are always exoteric for exoterists.

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