This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Necessitated by the diversity of human types

The world is divided into multiple human types, usually geographically situated but not to be confused with races. Taking a single truth as a starting point, we could say that each human type requires its own dogma, formed in accordance with the spiritual temperament of that type, in order to be capable of integrating that truth.

We have said that the exoteric point of view performs a limiting function, but it is also important to see that exoteric teachings (dogmas) as a means of spiritual realization are the opposite: they present to the individual who “believes” an opportunity to participate in a knowledge that is beyond him, and if it is not beyond him it provides him with a “support” in order to realize transcendence within himself. So we should say that exoterism, from the level of pure metaphysical knowledge, or esoterism, is limitative, but from the point of view of the believer it is expansive–providing a path to participation in the universal.

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