This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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From here we can, for the most part, pass over all of those philosophical systems which amount to so many attempts to express something ‘original’, originality being but the expression of individualism, which in and of itself removes it very far from our concerns. Nothing of metaphysical value is ‘original’, which should be obvious from what we’ve already said. Anyone who believes themselves to have ‘discovered’ a new aspect of Being is deceived. He is deceived even if the conception he wishes to express is valid, because, if this is indeed the case, it will certainly have already been expressed within pre-existing doctrine. However, this is almost never the case in the systems we have in mind, such as those that go by the name of their ‘inventor’, whether it be ‘Hegelian’, ‘Nietzschean’, ‘Kantian’, or otherwise. This is why, in the East, names are not attached to doctrines, and only tenuously attached to certain expositions of doctrine. If something is true, its truth is never the possession or the discovery of the individual who happens to put it into writing. That is also why we have been careful not to attach names to any of the positive doctrines contained in this manual, knowing that the readers can easily be led to the conclusion that these truths are but the imaginings of a few inventive erudites and nothing more. If that were to happen, this book would indeed be a failure.

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