This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Our world is determined by what is real to us

We have just said that individuals with different fundamental tendencies will also differ with regard to what is ‘real’ to their consciousness. This implies that, particularly on the global level, different groups with different tendencies will, for all intents and purposes, experience different ‘realities’ than one another. This is not an objective statement, for Truth is One, but in the relative order of human experience, men of different inner tendencies will populate different worlds. This is why we believe that it is accurate to say that a Hindu, for example, populates a different world than the Muslim, and both populate a different world from the American.

Moreover, we should say that in most cases those who live ‘in their own world’ are ignorant of the existence of any other. They not only do not understand the nature of other worlds—they do not even know that there is another world to understand. Instead, the American looks at the Muslim with utter confusion and judges him as if he is an American with an American conscience, American motivations, American sentimentality, and an American outlook, which is to say he judges him horribly.

For the American, all men are everywhere the same: humanity is homogenous. Mankind is American, or would be if they were not misled to be something sub-American. It is this arrogant superficiality about men and their worlds which leads him to do some much violence to the people of other countries, and all the while he tells himself that he is ‘saving’ them via proselytism, whether that proselytism is religious or in the form of economic ‘development.’

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