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By Daniel Schwindt

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Points of view within a single religion

If starkly different spiritual points of view lead to misunderstanding between the great religions, it is also true, on a much smaller scale, that differences in point of view will lead to difficulties in understanding between members of the same faith. This is analogous to the concept of race. While their might be only a few great races, these races can be further divided and differentiated based on temperament and other characteristics until you arrive at the individual level, where there are truly no two persons who are exactly the same. My point is not that spiritual point of view corresponds with race. It is that, even if a single point of view, represented by a specific Revelation, can be shared by a very large group, this does not mean that smaller, subtler differences of point of view will not be present from man to man within that religion. A good example of this differentiation within a religion might be the proliferation of distinct religious orders within Christianity. The Franciscan way and the Dominican way are quite different, because they are formulations based on different spiritual temperaments or “points of view,” even if they are both contained within the Christian point of view.

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