This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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Propaganda stops at nothing to give an impression

In desperate propaganda, no effort is spared to give the impression that no effort will be spared. The fanatics must be convinced. Right now the United States president is deploying troops to the southern border to block the terrifying flood of immigrants that threaten the well-being of (North) Americans. It matters not that illegal immigration is at a 20 year low. He is also still trying to build his “wall” along the border, even though crossings at the border, at least with respect to the drug trade, are decreasing, and crossings at the ports are up. The wall does not, therefore, serve the expressed purpose. It serves a rhetorical or symbolic purpose. So do the troops. The spectacle is all that matters. He is proving to the nation that he is willing to do things, and the things are less important than the willingness.

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