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By Daniel Schwindt

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Proportional attraction

We are also told that the attraction between individuals varies depending on the ‘magnetic’ strength of the tsing, which grows in proportion to the level of yin and yang present in each. The ‘magnetic’ or ‘fluidic’ nature of the substrate of sexual desire, although not acknowledged in modern science or social theory, is nonetheless retained in common speech when we speak of a man’s ‘fascination’ with a woman (fascinum was a technical term for enchantment in the magical sense) and when we speak of the ‘chemistry’ between two people that may be quite powerful. The exact reason for the discrepancy in attraction, which has nothing at all to do with ‘reproductive potential of the mate’ will be discussed below, but for now we need only acknowledge that the attraction is different depending on the maleness of the male and the femaleness of the female and the balance achieved by their union.

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