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By Daniel Schwindt

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Providential limitations

We should reiterate here that the restrictions inherent in the religious-exoteric perspective are not evils in themselves, and although the Christian perspective does seem to make a mess of things at times by mingling the esoteric and the exoteric, we must admit that this is due to the type of man for whom this Revelation exists.

It is, in fact, due to Divine Mercy that the religious perspective is restricted and ‘exclusive.’ It conveys only what is necessary for the salvation of the ‘average man,’ and in a form that is accessible to everyone. This implies a certain degree of obviousness, and we cannot blame the average believer for insisting that all of his religious ideas be obvious. This is healthy so long as it remains within the realm of exoterism and subordinate to a teaching authority that understands its own Revelation. However, outside of this context, for example in the context of contemporary Protestantism, with its “Bible Christians” who insist on interpreting Scriptures according to their own lights, it becomes suicidal. Since the most important truths contained in the Scriptures are the esoteric ones, and since these never permit of an ‘obvious’ interpretation, the ‘Bible Christian’ is bound to reduce his book to a list of platitudes and, when it comes to those sayings which in fact demand an esoteric perspective, it can only result in the most ridiculous errors.

Again, though, we should say that the above is due to the wrong-headedness of certain groups and not to the religious-exoteric perspective in itself, which serves believers very effectively when kept within the proper context.

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