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Psychics, séances, and hauntings

Everything that has been said above should be kept in mind when dealing with spiritist or pseudo-spiritual fads like psychic readings, séances, and in cases where grieving family members look to ‘mediums’ for information about the posthumous desires of deceased loved ones. In these cases the individual providing the service may be acting, or they may be delusional themselves. Nonetheless, we do have to admit that some ‘mediums’ seem to possess the ability to acquire information in these contexts that cannot be explained by dishonesty and simple delusion. What can we say in these cases?

If an individual possess an exceptional sensitivity to the psychic order, and if this person learns how to lay themselves open to contacts with the subtle forces of that order, it is possible that they would be able to express to onlookers what they experience, whether this is after the fact of the ‘encounter’ with the subtle dimension, or whether this is conveyed on-the-fly as a demonstration of ‘channeling.’ Again, this has nothing to do with ‘communication with the deceased’ in any real sense, since the psychic order is not the same as the spiritual order, and we only associate the psychic and the spiritual due to a confused understanding of the distinction between these levels.

Taking the case of the séance, we can say that the medium in this context would utilize his or her sensitivity to psychic realities and in this way would come into contact with the emotions and memories, not of the deceased, but of the group of participants, often aided by actual physical contact during this process (holding hands around a table). Having access to these memories and feelings, the psychic can passively channel them and vocalize them for the group, and while this would, understandably, give the impression of access to the personality of the deceased, what is usually expressed is merely the emotions, actual memories, or imagined opinions, of the participants themselves. In the case of hauntings, a similar technique would be employed, and while this would not allow any kind of actual communication with the dead, it could shed light on the nature of the phenomena and its reason for persisting, and in this sense we could, with some reservations, say that the medium can perceive the ‘will of the deceased,’ since a haunting can sometimes be described as the ‘crystallization of a desire,’ although the will itself and certainly the consciousness has long-since departed.

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