This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Questions mean more than they say

One of the first things we notice about people who wish to ask an intimate, meaningful question about the spiritual life, is that they are somehow afraid to say what they really want to know. They ask questions indirectly. Either they are afraid, or in other cases they simply may not know how to ask. How much more is this true when it comes to the ultimate question! We must keep in mind that in this regard, we are like spiritual children who never know how to ask the question we really mean, and even when we are most sincere, we can permit ourselves to evade stating it with complete honesty.

From another point of view, we should keep in mind that questions, even when formulated sincerely, always signify more than what they say. Every question is a loaded question, and the ultimate questions are infinitely loaded.

In order for our questions about the inexpressible, about the divine, to disclose to us the truths we really want to know, we must admit that these questions are the pale and partial imitation of a mystery that we only sense but cannot imagine.

We must know that what we want to know is more than what we’ve asked to know, and thus we must ask the question with humility, with reverence, knowing that if we are to be answer, the answer must exceed the question, since it is in a way that answer to all questions of significance that we will ever ask, in any formulation.

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