This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The basic condition for realization is spiritual receptivity. This can easily be taken to mean ‘passivity,’ but that is not what is in question. It is more along the lines of that openness and ‘obedience’ to the creative impulse that characterizes the great artist. Artists must live a life of strict discipline in terms of the development and exercise of their technical expertise, but if they are ever to ‘create,’ they must be receptive to the new, the never-before-seen, that comes to them. It is this receptivity, and not the mere technical ability to translate it into some concrete expression, that separates the artist from the technician. And so we can say that, in the spiritual order, a similar receptivity is necessary, and it is precisely this receptivity that was in question when Christ said that what he had to say could only be heard by those ‘with ears to hear.’ Only by those who had cultivated the type of receptivity that would allow the seeds of the Sower to germinate.

Ways in which you might be closed to this receptivity: you hold only the conventional ideas; you are the status quo; your mentality is that of your time, of your place, and of your tribe, and you cannot fathom any truths beyond those exclusive to your group; your view of the world is formed by the ideology of ‘the party,’ and through the medium of the latest technology; you have identified with the superficial self–you think you are your work, your hobbies, your accomplishments, your moral victories; or worse still, you are ruled by your passions, your addictions, your desires. Where these conditions prevail, you cannot reap the reward that God would give you, because that reward is freedom and you likely believe that you already have it, and what you have is nothing like what he would give you. God would plant liberty in you, but you will accept nothing but the slavery that you have learned to love.

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