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Reincarnation as commonly understood

When we speak of reincarnation, taking for its meaning the way in which it is most commonly used and understood, we have in mind the idea of a being passing through the same state twice–namely the state of being embodied. Such a being is embodied, passes away, shedding this body, and takes on a new one within the same cycle in order to repeat the state over again, subject to the same conditions in the same world. Thus, a person could legitimately claim to have lived numerous ‘earthly lives’ (whether or not they remember them) as so many links in a chain of incarnations from ancient Athens to modern America.

Moreover, we should stress that this notion assumes that it is the same complete being that is ‘reincarnated’ into the embodied state each time, and not merely certain residual (subtle) elements that happened to remain behind after the previous being’s departure.

These conditions taken together form the idea of ‘reincarnation’ as commonly understood, even if the conditions are not usually enunciated in this kind of detail. It is this idea that we deny, while allowing that certain elements involved in this understanding have truth to them, and it is the confusion of truth and error that we intend to remedy here.

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