This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Remarks on sacrifice

To sacrifice is to consecrate the profane to the sacred and thereby realize a transfer of oneself onto the sacred plane through a real identification of oneself with the victim. This is the underlying logic of all sacrifice from the beginning of time.

The presence or absence of a doctrine of sacrifice can be seen as a standard of orthodoxy in the traditional world.

It has proven universally intuitive, even if it has never been fully understood. All traditional civilizations have known that sacrifice was necessary, but if asked why this is so, answers are difficult to produce. This means that its true significance, which is the same in every context, tends to be veiled behind explanations that are true but superficial, partial, and more or less secondary.

Christ did not come to abolish sacrifice, but to become the sacrifice, offered by Himself, since the name Christ is, as we said elsewhere, a priestly title or ‘office’ denoting a function, and we as Christians have received the unction to participate in officiating the ritual which He instituted.

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