This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Results of the rejection of complementarism

When the idea of a primordial oneness in Man prior to his existence as “man and woman” is rejected and replaced with the modern view wherein sexual differentiation is accidental, the results are disastrous. The latter view tells man that he needs no one and if he takes a lover it matters not which sex they are since they are really only contributing to his emotional state or his utilitarian needs. His lover has no ontological value to him as his essential complement and as the only answer to the fundamental insufficiency of his being. Needless to say, this leaves him with no way of “completing himself,” no way of ever achieving wholeness except as an accidental discovery that he does not understand and is likely to squander due to his confusion about its nature. In other words, the traditional doctrine informed men and women about what they are, what their problem is, and where the solution can be found. The modern doctrine tells them what they are not–that they are not really men or women but are abstract neuters trapped in biological machines that just happen to have randomly assigned genitalia, but these organs can, thankfully, be swapped out by modern science, or removed, or whatever. And as neuters, they do not have a “problem.” They are not incomplete. They are atoms in a mass of other atoms, and they do not need a complement any more than a speck of dust needs another speck of dust. hey are already as whole as they can be and if they think they need someone else it is only to add a quantity of pleasure to their lives, or because they have self-esteem issues, or else they are under the influence of primitive sexism that drives them to crave fulfillment in the opposite sex. In other words, the entire notion of sex is not “real” or “necessary” but is a set of circumstances that can be utilized for pleasure or preference.

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