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By Daniel Schwindt

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Reverence, not reasoning, precedes faith

Apologists act as if reasoning or philosophical demonstrations were the preludes to faith: as if step one in coming to know God were a familiarity with the five proofs of Aquinas, or with the historical evidences for Christ, or with the study of natural law and its suggestions of a Divine Lawgiver. These exercises, valid in themselves, do not act as steps on the way to belief.

The true precursor to faith is the awakening of the sense of the sacred, which in turn kindles in the individual an attitude of reverence toward that which he cannot yet define but in the presence of which he feels humbled, in the presence of which he feels compelled to offer praise. These are the precursors to faith. One might pursue philosophy meanwhile: one might enjoy discovering along the way that certain rational arguments support the ‘religious worldview’, but without the development of that inner sense, any belief that is adopted will be tentative because all rational conclusions are subject to revision and can be smashed to pieces on the rocks of actual experience, and when it comes to belief it is precisely a question of spiritual experience, and at this level all other certainties derived from inferior degrees of knowledge—such as the rational order—are reduced to nothing.

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