This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Revolt of the aristocracy

 “Just as Martha complained about Mary so in every age active persons have complained about contemplatives…I think that worldly-minded critics who find fault with contemplatives should be excused on account of their ignorance…As certainly as Martha was ignorant of what she was saying when she protested to the Lord, so these people understand little or nothing about the contemplative life.”

~ The Cloud of Unknowing[1]

In order to understand the historical process that has led to our current situation, we must return again to the story of Martha and Mary. As the account suggests, the contemplative life, being “beyond” the realm of action, is incomprehensible to those whose vocation does not include that sort of knowledge. Thus, while the higher always, at least in potentiality, includes the lower, the lower does not include the higher. This is why men called to action will always display a tendency to usurp, or at least to ignore, the guidance of those responsible for knowledge. The Temporal Power will always attempt to throw off the so-called chains of the Spiritual Authority, so that it can act according to its own desires. This is the revolt of the aristocracy, and it is the first stage in a chain reaction which leads to the ruin of civilization altogether and ends in a return to barbarism. This chain reaction, which begins when the royalty undermines the priesthood and usurps its role, is called the “regression of the castes.”

[1] Cloud of Unknowing, Ch. 18-19.

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