This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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By becoming Christian, that is to say one of the anointed through participation in the Christic unction, we are introduced into a sacramental state. This means that Christianity could, from yet another perspective, be rightly called ‘sacramentalism.’ Sacramentality is rituality, and proceeds by the ‘rite.’ The ‘rite’ has been aptly defined as ‘the fixation of a deed.’ The sacrifice of Christ at the crucifixion can be seen as the rite which fixed in perpetuity His cosmic work as both priest and victim and accomplishment of the cosmic sacrificial act with all of its consequences.

To be Christian, then, denotes a sacramental state and this is something entirely different than simple membership in a group of people who accept a collection of spiritual teachings attributed to a certain teacher, which is in fact what most Protestant, and in particular most Evangelical, churches amount to, denying almost entirely the sacramental essence of their religion.

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