This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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Salvation through knowledge and the purpose of creation

According to a famous hadith, the purpose of creation is that God should be known, by Himself, but through his created agents. It is expressed thusly:

“I was a hidden treasure. I loved to be known. Therefore, I created the creation so that I would be known.”

In other words, God achieves His Self-realization by creating human beings capable of the knowledge of God and then by leading them to the knowledge of Himself, and in this way He ‘knows Himself’ through our coming to know Him. To know God is to fulfill his purpose for us on earth and therefore it is identical with our salvation.

Connected to this is the idea that every created thing is a theophany. God is the hidden treasure, hidden in everything. The cosmos is a kind of textbook on God to those with eyes to read it.

To put it another way, creation and revelation are, in a sense, identical, not to exclude other specific forms of revelation, but only to say that creation is a form of revelation.

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