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By Daniel Schwindt

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Satan as theological postulate

Satan is a theological postulate, which tells us several things about ‘him’: the religious teachings surrounding Satan are there for the purposes of salvation and because they aid the understanding of believers; like all exoteric teachings, they are not formulated for the sake of truth in itself, but are ‘interested’ in salvation. In other words, if the truth that is called Satan at the religious level is dealt with at another level, or within esoteric language, it will be described very differently, because with religious formulations there is always ‘more to the story.’ This should suffice to prepare the reader for what follows, which examines the nature of Satan from the esoteric point of view and therefore differs from the theological understanding without denying it, but merely pulls back the veil to show the thing in itself. This will, of course, require a few introductory comments that would seem unrelated in religious discussions of Satan and Hell but are necessary for our purposes here.

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