This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Self-initiation and affiliation with dead forms

One more remark on this question will suffice: we have said that attachment to an authentic tradition is the basic test of the spiritual teacher. We should add that this attachment must be to a still-extant tradition. The Pythagorean initiations, however real they may have been in their time, cannot have a reality today. The same is true of the Druidical ‘orders’ that claim to have accomplished so many ‘self-initiations.’ Anyone who claims ‘self-initiation’ or attachment to a non-existent tradition is deluded or lying, usually the former, since one who consciously lies is never near as convincing as the one who believes in his own errors. As sincere as these individuals may be, and although much of what they say has truth to it, they do not stand on solid ground and if they are affiliated with a spiritual influence it is not one with which you should want to come into contact, since the stabilizing conditions provided by the traditional form are the only means of making this contact safe and beneficial.

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