This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Seven members and nineteen mouths

Keeping in mind the twofold significance of Vaishvanara, as both individual man and Universal Man, we can say that the seven members are, first and foremost, the seven parts of the ‘macrocosmic body,’ and that this body is composed of all of the corresponding parts of individual beings, which go to make up its constituent parts. To enumerate the seven members: 1) the higher luminous spheres, or higher states of being, and which correspond to the ‘brain’ of the symbolic body due to their mental function. 2) the two principles manifested in the material world by the sun and the moon, and which are, in the universal body, the two eyes. 3) the mouth, which is the igneous principle. 4) the ears, which represent the directions of space. 5) the lungs, which represent prana, the ‘vital breath’, proceeding from the cosmic environment. 6) the stomach, representing the intermediate region between Earth and the heavens (luminous spheres), where forms are elaborated. 7) the feet, actuators of the body, represented by earth. Again, it is important to understand that the parts of the individual correspond, at their own level, to those of the Universal Man. It is the same with the ‘nineteen mouths’, or ‘organs’, which have already been described in previous sections as the five organs of sensation, the five organs of action, the five vital breaths (vayus), the inward sense (manas), the intellect (Buddhi), thought (chitta), and individual consciousness (ahankara).

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