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By Daniel Schwindt

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Sexual desire in higher and lower beings

If we compare being of the higher and lower orders, and place them on a spectrum, we find interesting trends that cast more doubt on naturalistic explanations for human sexuality. The higher the being, the more polarized the sexuality, the slower the rate of reproduction, and the stronger the sexual desire. Obviously none of these trends reconcile well with evolutionary theory. It basically demonstrates that sexual desire and the multiplication of the species move in opposite directions, and that mankind, who experiences eros more and expresses it more often, reproduces the least.

The point of the foregoing has not been to show that there is no relation between sexual love and reproduction, but rather to show that the former is not subordinate to the latter, and while the latter is the fruit of the former, it is not its essence. Fruit is the fruit of a generating force: it is a product of something. In man the sexual process is activated by a non-biological element, and so between love and procreation there is a possible but not a necessary connection. It is a great error to refuse to grant legitimacy to love that does not base itself on the fruit: we are not dealing with moral questions here, but with the essence of sexual love itself, and it is what it is whether children are contemplated or not. Only after admitting this and thereby having come to a legitimate understanding of sexuality can we begin to talk about how to handle questions of fertility.

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