This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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Sharia law and its levels

While Sharia law, as worked out in Islamic jurisprudence, obviously pertains to God’s will for human society and is the concrete manifestation of his will, it might be helpful to point out that just as the Western view of ‘nature’ and ‘natural law’ was susceptible to application at various orders, so also Sharia can be envisioned as applying at various levels. That is to say, the laws of nature themselves are simply the Sharia of those orders. Sharia as studied here is the Sharia of the human order and is proper to man, just has natural law jurisprudence has primarily in mind human nature, as opposed to animal, vegetable, or mineral nature, although these levels obviously have their own ‘natural laws’ according to which they operate. Animals, plants, and the lower orders of creation act according to their Sharia as given to them, but man, although given the Sharia as part of Revelation, is left free to act according to it or contrary to it.

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