This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Spiritual depth and stability of the sexual force

As we have explained at length in other sections of this manual, the human being has different levels and the outermost of these, which is a kind of “mask” that covers the true “face” of the individual, is the only part that is changeable and that can be “formed” according to our whims. This persona is secondary but the sad fact of the modern world with its ‘cult of personality’ is that the vast majority identify themselves with the mask they have formed and never come into contact with the “face” it covers and which it was always meant to serve. They never “know themselves,” so to speak. When we speak of sex in this context–the context of the two selves–it is mostly a question of stability. If we want to really know what is proper to us and therefore what will make us happy and fulfill our deepest needs, the task is to know the self and then to build the mask accordingly so that it helps give expression to the face which remains invisible. At the deeper level, sexual differentiation is a given, and the mask would naturally be formed according to this “given.” In the modern world, where it is common to identify oneself with the superficial mask, which is perceived as a thing to be designed according to our whims, and if sex is seen as seated at this level and not at a deeper level, then sex also appears to be changeable, just like the personality: a question of design according to our tastes.

To put it another way, the more profound our self knowledge, the more stable our being, because the deeper we go the close we come to the unchangeable essence that supports our being. The more superficial, the more chaotic and changeable things become. Naturally, for the individual who has identified with the chaotic, external level and adopted the mindset of a “self-styled sexuality,” the attraction that results will be weak and highly unstable, changing from day to day and directed every which way and without regard to the inner qualities of the beloved but instead according to superficial factors that have no bearing on that fundamental need for a complement. In other words, the superficial factors are finally allowed to have the last say because the profound grounding of sexual love has been lost either by habitual denial or else as a result of the generally chaotic and weak spiritual sense that rules in the modern world.

If we see mass movements proclaiming sex as a choice, and a choice that might at any moment be directed toward male or female, or at both, or at neither, then we should not be surprised. In fact, we could say that for some of these people they are accurately describing their sexual natures, which have become as they describe. But again, this does not change the true metaphysics of sex but simply demonstrates to us the dissolving effects of the prevalent conditions in this age.

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