This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Ten Fetters

There are ten ‘fetters’ or evil states of mind that must be overcome as one travels the Four Paths. He who overcomes the first five becomes an Arahat, and such a one then embarks on the Fourth Path described above, because the ‘Fruit of the Fourth Path’ is freedom from the remaining five fetters.

The ten fetters, in order:

Sakkaya-ditthi, the delusion of self or soul; Vicikiccha, doubt; Silabbata paramasa, dependence on rites; Kama, sensuality, physical desire; Patigha, hatred, resentment; Ruparaga, desire for life in worlds of matter; Aruparaga, desire for life in spiritual worlds; Mano, pride; Uddhacca, self-righteousness; Avijja, ignorance.

As stated above, the first five are overcome on the way to becoming an Arahat, while the remaining five are overcome after having embarked on the Fourth Path:

“They, having obtained the Fruit of the Fourth Path, and immersed themselves in that living water, have received without price, and are in the enjoyment of Nibbana.”[1]

[1] Ratana Sutta.

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