This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The ambiguity of providence

One last thing needs to be said, and it will go a long way toward explaining Christianity’s ultimate purpose in the history of this world and of mankind. Please remember that what I’m about to say it does not in any way make Christianity inferior to any other tradition, or imply that it is not exactly what it needed to be and therefore perfect in itself. The characteristics I’ve been describing such as the confusion of levels which brings with it distinctive problems imply that Christianity was not only put in place to serve mankind at a certain point and in certain world that was so disordered that it could no longer a pole the separation between exoteric and esoteric. But that it set the stage and in a certain sense made possible the deviation that would be the modern world and eventually the final dissolution. Christ said that he came at the fullness of time, and this could only mean that after the apex comes the decline, and so while Christ is the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end, it is also perhaps try to say that he is the alpha of the Omega, the beginning of the end. This is why along with the gospel he also says and we can see that in Christianity there is also the foundation or a vessel of corruption as is also described in Scripture. Again, we need to emphasize that this does not in any way attack the Dignity of Christian Revelation, being exactly what it needed to be and perfect; but being positioned, as it were, ‘at the beginning of the end,’ it had to have within it the seeds of the dissolution that necessarily had to follow it. Christ and Antichrist were born together. And so the problematic nature of Christianity itself is linked to the ruling disorder of the modern world and was, in this sense, its source. Perhaps those who blame Christianity for the fall of Rome and the eventual decay of Western Civilization altogether are saying this because they have seen only the malefic side of Christ, the two-edged sword. They look at Christianity and see only that it brings with it the Antichrist, and so they have only received one side of the whole, and interpreted as weakness what was simply the negative and unavailable aspect of a necessity that also brought with it a path to salvation.

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