This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The ambitions of the feminists

Feminists in general suffer from a mistaken sense of inferiority that leads to mistaken ambitions. Sensing an apparent inferiority to men, they set up for themselves a set of ideals which are pursued in the name of equality but to their own detriment. They abandon the call to become superior women and wind up becoming inferior men. Sometimes in this pursuit they do succeed in becoming better men than the actual males, but that does not make it any more noble or any more fulfilling for the women who do it. In other words, I am not even sure I want to be equal with “man” in the context of the present civilization, since this image is to me a brutal and barely human entity. Regardless, modern mistakes about man notwithstanding, we must again insist that the only standard by which to judge of an individual’s development is how fully one has realized his or her own inner nature, and this presupposes the sexual quality present in that nature: the pursuit of aptitudes proper to a different nature, even if somehow achieved, is not a victory but a defeat. A woman who is truly and perfectly woman is far superior to a man who is an inferior man, even if that man is the President of the United States; but a woman who pursues male qualities, even if she becomes a relatively superior man, will be the most inferior kind of woman imaginable because she is an abomination.

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