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The Church is One

To those who would point to the visible Church as its ‘exoteric’ form and to some hidden, initiatic form which is separate from this body and not acknowledged by it as its ‘esoteric’ form, we can reply that this is absurd and if it were the case, the tradition of apostolic succession would imply that this esoteric form, wherever it is and whatever hierarchy it does belong to, is not Christian.

We could not state the situation more clearly than Borella:

“To envisage the distinction between the interior and exterior only under an institutional form is basically to conceive of esoterism in an exoteric manner…when esoterism becomes a name, it very often ceases to be a reality. The more it is signified by marks, organizations, grades, and secret codes, the more it satisfies the outer man, flatters him, and makes access to true interiority problematic.”[1]

After which he cites an obscure text in agreement:

“There are not, then, two Assemblies: one exterior and the other interior. There is only one Assembly, whose exterior alone is known by many. And yet those who are of the interior do not have sacraments, Books, or secrets other than those who dwell on the exterior, but they live them and are transformed by them.”[2]

[1] Jean Borella, Christ: The Original Mystery, ibid.

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