This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The difficulty of imagination

Perhaps some of this can be explained by saying that the Western mind, the ancient Greeks included, seem to confuse imagining with conceiving. This is closely linked with, and is perhaps the cause of its tendency toward, materialism; for the imaginative faculty operates by clothing concepts in sensible form. Anthropomorphism, for example, is the direct result of an inability to escape from sensible forms when dealing with transcendence. For the West, at least to large degree, it sometimes appears that anything which cannot be clothed by the imaginative faculty in some sensible form becomes ‘unthinkable’. Consider what we have said about the Infinite, and that Western philosophy has failed to grasp it because it insists on conditioning it in some way, which immediately nullifies its infinitude. It depicts it as space, or time, and it does this because these are things it encounters, but in doing this is destroys the concept it is attempting to describe. Now this is not to say that the imaginative faculty is not legitimate. It can and should be used as a ‘support’ for the ascent to higher orders of knowledge. For example, all symbols amount to the representation of a metaphysical truth in some familiar form. This is only problematic when the form is mistaken for the concept, or when the ‘ascent’ to the higher order does not occur, and when the concept becomes limited by the form in which it was closed. Thus, if an endless expanse were employed in Western science as a symbol of the Infinite, this would be appropriate, but this is obviously not the case, and the result is that no concept of the Infinite can be found.

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