This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The esoteric explanation for the existence of evil

To answer this question, we must answer two others: Why was the world created, and why are created things imperfect? The first is answered by the metaphysical notion of the Infinite, which contains within itself every possibility. Creation is a possibility, and so the reality of an Infinite God implies the creation of the world. God creates because He is what He is. But why are his creations imperfect? Or, in more “personified” terms, why are beings evil? The answer is that they could not be anything else without immediately ceasing to be created beings. In other words: “God alone is Good,” said Christ. This obviously did not mean that no created things participate in goodness, but that God alone is pure Goodness. Anything that is not God participates His Goodness, but is also not God and is therefore imperfect. Thus, all created things, by definition, are imperfect. And so the created world, and created beings, merely by the fact that they are not God, are imperfect and could not be otherwise since if they were wholly Good they would cease to be created beings and would instead become identical with the Creator. What then, of the existence of evil, which is the personification of imperfection? It is there because it must be there. And how can it be escaped? Here the answer is obvious: by union with the Creator.

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