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By Daniel Schwindt

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The futility of the debate

This basic critique of evolutionary theory is not new. Everything I’ve said will be familiar to most who take an interest in the subject, and transformists have their answers to what I’ve said. If pursued, the debate proceeds much like the numerous theological battles carried out by Augustine and his contemporaries, back and forth without end or result. The value of the above was not to allow you to debate anyone with any success, because the reason this position is held is deeper than reason; my primary purpose was to familiarize you with some ideas and to provide an introduction to what follows, which is the explanation of the problem in terms of traditional doctrine. I think you will find, all things considered, that the traditional explanation is more sound, but it only has value for one who is of the traditional world. And so again, I say that what follows is for you and not for the purposes of apologetics or debate.

It should be admitted that just because an objection can be answered does not nullify the objection. All objections can be answered, and any debate can go on interminably in an endless exchange of sound objections and sound responses. Such are the resources of rationality, which at the same time demonstrate its limits. The point is not to pretend that any of these objections are decisive, but that evolutionary theory is highly problematic.

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