This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The graduated order of reality

Reality is one, but manifests itself by degrees, hierarchically arranged so that we can speak of some as ‘inferior’ and ‘superior’ without implying that they are not all capable of being integrated into one another in principle. The fact that, behind all manifestation, All is God, leads to the esoteric way of speaking which seems to deny the reality of the world as a grand illusion. From the exoteric perspective that sounds like a denial of the reality of inferior degrees and is usually perceived as an offense, as if it denied the dignity of man and the “goodness” of creation. But it is none of that, since the truth of the affirmation that all is God and all that is not God is not real is an emphasis on the Infinity of the Absolute, and if this makes all else seem ephemeral it is only because, next to the Infinite, everything is ephemeral and only acquires stability and existence by participation in the reality of the Absolute. In other words, exoterism frames everything from the perspective of man and must begin by affirming his reality and then affirms all other things in relation to that reality. Esoterism begins from metaphysics, which is the reality of the Absolute, and describes the reality of other things in relation to the One.

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