This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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The guru and the practice of exoterism

In order to head off another error regarding the proper role of the guru, we insist that the guru is not a replacement for attachment to a traditional form, and in fact the work done by a guru is undermined if attachment to a form is absent in the disciple. The guru themselves, it should go without saying, will always operate in accordance with the traditional form to which they are attached, and an ‘unattached’ guru is unimaginable and if one appears you can assume outright that he is a false teacher; but it cannot be stressed enough that the attachment of the master to a form does not replace the need on the part of the disciple to be likewise attached to the same form and to have performed all the rites that accompany that form on the exoteric level. This is because esoteric is not a ‘replacement’ for exoterism but is the pinnacle that sits above it and for which the exoteric aspect of the religion acts as a support: one should never imagine that associate for a guru can substitute for this as if discipleship were above and beyond forms–an absurdity because the only time one gets beyond forms is once Deliverance has been attained, at which point association with a guru would be pointless.

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