This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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The hanifs and the name Allah

At some point Muhammad began frequenting a cave that was on Mount Hira, on the outskirts of Mecca. He had by this time become one of the hanifs, contemplatives who were devoted to a deity named Allah. It should be noted that the religious landscape of the time was populated with various deities all the way down to the demonic spirits of the desert, the jinn. He might have gravitated to many other holy names, but there was only one name that called to him. Through his night vigils, Muhammad slowly came to the conviction that Allah  was what his name proclaimed him to be: not just a god, but the God, and from this realization he came upon the fundamental confession of Islam: La ilaha illa ‘llah! There is no god but God! Yet he had not been commissioned, and this development was private, not something he felt compelled to proclaim in public.

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