This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The humility of the fighter is what saves him

Perhaps what distinguishes the warrior of the idealists from the warrior of reality is that the latter has chosen humility over prideful delusion. He sees and admits the spiritual imperfection that comes with his condition, which he shares with all men but which he is called upon to demonstrate in the most pitiable way—through the killing of his fellow men. When confronted with such a duty—because for all men resistance to evil is a duty, and for the strongest it is a duty to resist in the extreme—he does not tremble or weep or rationalize his way out, but sets himself to the task in humility. He throws himself, life and limb, body and soul, at Gods feet, trusting his mercy will preserve him. No coward could understand this kind of faith.

At the risk of going too far, we will say that through spiritual clear-sightedness, through love of God, through love for neighbor, and through complete inner honesty, the moral weakness of what he is called to do becomes irrelevant in the same mysterious way that Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son was morally nullified in the face of necessity, because all he knew in that moment was that it was commanded and that he must obey.

If a primary characteristic of the great warrior is humility, then a perverse pride in bloodshed is his greatest liability. It leads directly to every violent abuse that we have ever heard of, and is, in turn, used constantly as evidence against the whole vocation.

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