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By Daniel Schwindt

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The importance of this discussion

We feel compelled to deal with the subject of reincarnation for the same reason that we must deal competently with the subject of race, astrology, or alchemy, which is that it is so profoundly misunderstood by most people today and usually relegated to the status of either ancient superstition or new age hocus pocus. But we must also guard it against new age hocus pocus, because it has indeed been appropriated by many and given an interpretation which, although not dismissive, is still destructive, and instead of denying the truth of doctrine, perverts it beyond recognition. When it comes to reincarnation, we must say that the notion of it shared by both of the aforementioned groups is false, but that there is truth in it still. It is this truth which we must rescue from them, providing an explanation of the subject that is as definitive as possible, without doing injustice to the traditions that have dealt with it before us.

The term itself, as it has been used by those groups who have adopted it, can mean any number of things. We will outline the commonest meanings, and when it is possible, we will clear away the confusion simply by providing a more exact term for what is meant.

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