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By Daniel Schwindt

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The introduction of the Messianic idea with the Mosaic Tradition

In its Mosaic form, Old Testament monotheism gained a new focus. The old “promise” now became a legal relationship based on the law, which was not upheld and which necessitated a mediator. Hence the need in the Mosaic Tradition for a Messiah, a need not necessarily present in the Abrahamic Tradition, since a promise given by God obviously needs no mediator in order to ensure its fulfillment. The two traditions are seamlessly married, which is good and necessary. I am not trying to point out a contradiction between the elements. The point is only that there are distinct differences between the two, even down to the different names of God (Elohim in the first chapter of Genesis, and Yahweh elsewhere). And it is on the basis of this distinction that we can affirm that a readaptation occurred that changed the emphasis and direction of Old Testament monotheism for the remainder of its history.

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