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The Jesus Prayer in the West, and the Rosary

In the West there are practices analogous to Hesychasm, going so far back as the medieval period and through figures such as Anselm of Canterbury. Pope Gregory X provided official recognition of this style of veneration at the Council of Lyons in 1274.

Centuries later we find a significant elaboration on this theme in the person of Maria Consolata who experienced visions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and was instructed through them to recite: ‘Jesus, Mary, I love you! Save souls!’ Her Jesu-Maria recitation became very popular alongside her promotion of the Rosary as an instrument of mystical practice. This instance brings us to the part of the Rosary in the Western Church and the emphasis on Marian devotion in general.

Our intent is to discuss the Mystery of the Virgin more thoroughly in a section dedicated to that purpose, so here it will suffice to say that the Rosary is ‘the Jesus Prayer of the Western Church,’ and this implies certain nuances, not only doctrinally due to the meaning of the Marian mystery that is involved, but also methodologically, since alongside the recitation of the Rosary we find a highly developed collection of images (the ‘mysteries’) that are adopted as a point of focus.

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