This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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The kingdom of heaven is within you

Most people envision both God and Satan ‘objectively,’ which is to say as persons external to themselves, and naturally they do this as well with posthumous ‘places’ such as heaven, hell, and purgatory and these are always thought of as places other than where we are at now, experienced at a point and time that is certainly not now.  Yet we must sooner or later face the doctrine of Christ that ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you,’ which is to say, it has a presence here and now and not separate from yourself. The same, unfortunately, must be admitted of hell. Thus, Jacob Boehme’s saying that ‘heaven and hell are everywhere, being universally extended…Thou are accordingly in heaven or hell…The soul hath heaven or hell within itself.’[1] If we take this doctrine seriously, which we must on pain of admitting nonsense into the sayings of Christ, then in it would seem that the soul does not go to salvation or damnation upon death.

[1] Jacob Boehme, “Of Heaven and Hell,” pp. 259, 260.

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