This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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The Mass and the ‘worship service’

Contemporary Christianity, with is preference for “worship service” over religious ritual, what we find is a failure to distinguish between art and entertainment. Art is related to beauty and truth and therefore can be created and judged on objective grounds. Entertainment is a subjective matter and may or may not be beautiful, may or may not have any relation to transcendent truth.

Worship services are not religious, in the sense of performing a sacred work or ritual in obedience to the Divine: they are instead a kind of “Christian-themed entertainment event.” With their big screen televisions and their sub-woofers, they are clearly oriented around what is stimulating to the audience and it is assumed that some sort of objective truth is the end but the means are purely human and designed to manipulate the subject and encourage feelings and enthusiasm. So again we say that many of these “worship services” look more like rock concerts.

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