This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The necessary admittance of dualism

While it is true that the Absolute is One, in order for anything to exist apart from the Absolute, or as it were to be ‘projected’ from It, dualism must enter in. In order for there to be Creation at all, dualism must be part of it, since a world without dualism would not be a ‘creation’ at all but simply the Absolute Itself. In this sense, creation ex nihilo, ‘out of nothing,’ means that in order for creation to occur the Absolute descended into duality and permitted itself to be polarized into essence and substance, matter and form, and most importantly good and evil. When speaking of good and evil we must admit that the Absolute is beyond the reach of these terms and that they only make sense once we are already in the order of created things previously spoken of, where dualism is introduced as a necessary condition of the existence of anything at all. The Absolute is ‘beyond good and evil,’ and we say that It is Good only because we mean It is beyond the reach of evil, but this only makes any sense from our perspective, couched as it is within the sphere of dualism. Thus, to say that ‘God is good’ is to project a relative truth onto the Absolute.

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