This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The office of the guru

We can now refer to the case of the Master, or the guru in the full sense of the word. The guru differs from the upaguru in that he is assumed to be superior in a sense that is not temporary but permanent: this again does not rest, necessarily, on his saintliness, for one need not be a saint to be a guru, but rather on initiatic status through affiliation with a traditional order. This in turn is connected with a degree of spiritual realization which is personal and irrevocable. Here we mean irrevocable in the same way that a Catholic priest, once he has received sacred ordination, can never return to the lay state except outwardly, and even priests removed from the clerical state are removed from practice and released from theri obligations, but they do not cease to be what they became at ordination. We can also remark that the guru, due to his initiatic qualifications and his degree of realization, is a true ‘mouthpiece of the Self,’ and is in this way infallible.

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