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The Pali canon of Theravada Buddhism

The Pali canon corresponds to the Theravada school. This canon us used in South and Southeast Asia, namely Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.

This canon possesses the Tripitaka structure of the Vinaya/Sutta/Adhidhamma. Of most interest for us doctrinally is the second basket, the Sutta, which collects together all of the Nikayas. These are:

  1. Digha Nikaya.
  2. Majjhima Nikaya.
  3. Samyutta Nikaya.
  4. Anguttara Nikaya.
  5. Khuddaka Nikaya.

The fifth Nikaya (Khuddaka) is perhaps most well known due to the fact that, in the Pali canon, it contains both the Dhammapada (already mentioned) and the Jataka tales or ‘birth stories’ of the Buddha.

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