This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The path of the ancestors

Although the pitri-yana pertains to the vast majority, it is by nature more limited in its scope and is therefore simpler to understand. Due to this, and the fact that our more direct concern is with transcendence and liberation, our remarks on this path will be less extensive, and we will return to it here and there insofar as it intersects with the deva-yana. For now, suffice it to say that the pitri-yana does not lead beyond the Sphere of the Moon. Because this is the far limit of the formal–which is to say the individual–domain, it follows that the being whose journey concludes here does not escape from individuality. The Sphere of the Moon is also called the ‘cosmic memory’ and is considered the dwelling place of the Pitris, a term used to refer to those beings who belong to the previous cycle and, by virtue of the relationship of cause and effect, are considered the ‘generators’ of the present cycle. Here those forms which have exhausted their developmental possibilities are dissolved, and alongside them are preserved the germs of forms yet undeveloped. This means that the Sphere of the Moon is both the starting- and ending-points of formal manifestation. Due to what we’ve just said, it makes sense why it is sometimes said poetically, regarding the moon, that all that has been lost on this earth will be recovered there. It is at this point that a confusion may arise, since those beings whose path ends in the Sphere of the Moon are the same who must re-enter the individual state after the prayala, but we remind the reader that this re-entry into the individual domain in the new cycle represents a new state, and so it is not a ‘reincarnation’ into a second life, but a progress to a new state altogether different from the human, even if it still includes the presence of form.

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