This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The problem with dualism

Because exoteric religion sets up an opposition between things in order to aid the rational faculty in its comprehension of the truth (for example the opposition between good and evil) it is normal and for the most part healthy to perceive a kind of opposition between ‘the world’ or ‘things’ or ‘myself’ and God. The result is that all created things, even our own selves, take on an appearance of evil, since this is true when they are set side by side with the Creator. But that opposition only takes us so far, and in fact becomes a lie when we move beyond the surface, which is precisely what we are doing when we embark on the contemplative journey in which we progressively discover the Absolute, not in comparison to other things, but in Itself. That is why the fundamental opposition, the ‘dualism’ created by exoterism, must be transcended (although not rejected as if it were not true on its own level) if we are to make progress.

To begin, we can try to see that there is really no evil in any created thing, and in fact every created thing has the potential to act as a support for contemplation and is therefore a gift. We must cease thinking of things as ‘evil’ and begin thinking of them as obstacles, and obstacles not because that is what they are, but because that is what we make them through misuse and incomprehension. In other words, it is we who are the obstacles, and through our treatment of things we make them obstacles as well. As you can see, this does not in any way contradict the exoteric teaching that ‘the world’ is fallen, but rather brings it into focus and allows us to see it more clearly and in a higher context.

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