This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The question is the enunciation of a spiritual need

The question we wish to have answered is not really about whether or not God exists, it is not a ‘question’ at all—it is instead an indefinable pleading within the soul. This is why, even as we try to think about it, it feels so out of place in our minds, like foreign material that we are not equipped to handle. What we are dealing with is not native to the conceptual world and cannot be encapsulated but belongs instead to that which transcends our thoughts and can only be possessed via a moment of direct contact with that dimension. Stated in this way, we can situate the issue on the level where it belongs: not as a mental curiosity but as a spiritual need. Our questions, then, are being formulated at a late stage, as secondary expressions of a primary encounter that exceeds the capacity of the mind to describe, and this is why at the level of the reason “it” can neither be asked nor answered in a satisfactory manner.

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